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30 - 31 Oct


From Amsterdam there is a comfortable flight with KLM Airlines leaving Amsterdam the 30th of October, arriving on the 31st  of October in Manilla. 

Departure: 30 October: 20:55 PM  

Arrival: 27 October 19:30PM

Travel time: 15hr 35m incl. Layover on Bangkok

* if you are coming from a different destination, you can let us know via the form at the end of the page. 

STAY (30-31 Oct)

We advise you to stay in Manila Peninsula Hotel. A 5*luxury hotel where you receive the following perks: Free breakfast and VIP status if booked with us.  

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Party Time

31 Oct - 05 Nov

After the time spent together in the Villa you are free to head your own way and explore the Philippines on your own, or follow Busi to mainland El Nido for the second part of the trip.

FLIGHT (31 Oct) 

Leg #2 | 14:00 - 15:20 | Manila  to El Nido

Travel time: 1h20m

** if you travel without check-in luggage an earlier connection is possible. 

STAY (31 Oct - 04 Nov) 

Here we have two options for you to stay at. 

El Nido Resorts - Pangulasian Island

A good pick if you are looking for a secluded private island type of experience and if your purpose is to relax. Consider that you would need to grab a boat each time you want to head to mainland. 

Click here to view resort. 

Panorama Resort

A great option if you want to stay more on the main land close to the hustle and bustle. 

Great if you are traveling with a small group as they have a two bedroom villa which can hold up to 6 people. 

Click here to view hotel. 

FLIGHT (04 - 05 Nov)

Now, this will be a long travel day which is inevitable. However you can spend a day in Manila at leisure in between the flights. 

Leg #1 | 08:25 - 09:50 | El Nido - Manila 

Leg #2 | 19:00 - 22:45 | Manila - Singapore

Leg #3 | 23:55 - 06:45 | Singapore - Ams 

Travel Time: 29h10m

* please advise in the form below if you are traveling back somewhere else. 


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